Amazon Keyspaces  from #awscloud is pretty interesting. It's a #Cassandra-compatible (with limitations) implementation on top of DynamoDB as far as I can tell. The nice thing about it is that it's serverless so you don't have the huge overhead for running a full Cassandra cluster. We are using it and so far so good. It has a few annoying limitations, though. These are the ones that I've hit:

  • Only supports Cassandra protocol version 3
  • Fancy IAM auth (the default) requires special client library support. You can use user/password auth–thus supporting all libraries–but it is a bit of a faff to set up.
  • Only supports write consistency LOCAL_QUORUM . It does support other consistencies on read.
  • Using TTLs on a table requires that you set a custom option using a CQL ALTER TABLE statement. However, this custom option pisses of real Cassandra (and Scylla) which you are likely to be using for local dev. Which requires a migration workaround.

If you can manage to work around that, it's pretty nice. And the price is attractive.