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I now have all the functionality in place, to support Mastodon-style links in the profiles in @toddsundsted 's #Ktistec single-user #ActivityPub server. Still WIP on tests and integration testing but getting close. It's running on my personal site https://k.matthias.org

Screenshot of Mastodon displaying links from my Ktistec profile

Links as attachments are now mostly working when pulled in from #Ktistec from #Mastodon. Plenty more to do on the PR, but initial testing looks good. Links not in the correct format don't show up as links in Mastodon, so I will work on fixing that.

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 1.57.13 PM.png 746.2 KB

Working on adding support for profile links to #Ktistec. Turns out that this is non-standard and has various implementation. Who knew? When completed, this will work like the Mastodon profile links. Thanks to @toddsundsted for working through the changes.

I've been adding a basic #Kubernetes API discovery mode to my long-lived Sidecar service discovery system. This will enable us at Community.com to span the Sidecar cluster across Kubernetes and #Mesos, and allow us to migrate services one at a time.


Want to host your own #Kubernetes cluster in the cloud? Here's how I set up MicroK8s and run it for €9/month. Hope it helps someone out.


#Linux #Hosting #DevOps

I will shortly be doing a write up on my long form technical blog https://relistan.com about getting a single node microK8s #Kubernetes cluster up and running, and deploying a simple app to it with full HTTPS support. I just did this for my own edification and to get http://nameifier.apps.k.matthias.org and https://k.matthias.org up and running.

While I'm talking about useful past projects, I wrote a UI for Envoy that looks a lot like the HAproxy stats page. Just a lot more consumable than the built-in stats. It's written in Crystal, but I generally run it as a Docker container.

The code is here: https://github.com/Nitro/envoy-ui

envoy-ui.png 178.01 KB

I had written this app called Nameifier some years ago and have used it a lot of places. It's simple but super useful, so I put it up on my personal instance. It's now live here:


It just does some hashing and dictionary lookups and gives you stable names for things. The idea is to give you memorable names that a human can work with.

 - Nice name instead of Amazon instance ID
 - Hostnames for a cluster of hosts

Also, some of the names are a source of endless amusement.

Code is here: https://github.com/relistan/nameifier

I have got backups running to S3 and everything seems OK. I've subscribed to this account now on a few Mastodon instances. Looking to see if this pulls into my feed.

I've got a Ktistec #fediverse site up and running on my own system. Wasn't too hard to get it running and it is *fast* as far as I can tell. Going to see about getting it federated.